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Joeseph Benson

CEO & Editor

Hello, I am Joseph Benson, an architect, a Forex trader, a video gamer, a blogger, a YouTuber, an aquarist, a solo traveler, and an ultralight helicopter fan. I have worked as an aquarist for six years, so I know a lot about aquariums and marine life. Facebook, X, LinkedIn

Christabel joseph

Aquarist & WRITER

Hi, I am Christabel Joseph, and I have been an aquarist for so many years. Having a passion for sea creatures has been my hobby for more than 10 years now. I also have other hobbies, such as writing, cooking, and watching movies.


Andrew benson

Aquarist & WRITER

Andrew Benson is an architect with 15+ years of experience, a blogger, a part-time writer, a YouTuber, SEO expert, a video gamer, and an aquarist. When it comes to aquarium and all that have to do with sea life, I am not left out, See my blog.

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